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The Classic Car Photo-shoot
Rays Rover
This is the website of Ramon Alban. It is primarily dedicated to the Rover SD1 Vitesse and Vanden Plas EFi. Eventually it will have a complete presentaion of the technical items and subjects about which I have written, during the many years of SD1 ownership
It is also being used to promote some manuals on the subjects which many SD1 owners find hard to understand because they are based on Electronic Control Systems.
In the meantime please navigate around and let me have any comments or suggestions.
The Rover SD1 has become for many people a classic. It was without doubt one of the last 'real' Rovers produced and for some it was the best.

Having worked on these cars for over 11 years, I have re-written and updated some Rover technical manuals in order to help my fellow SD1 owners.
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